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Thanks for visiting Tech Naandi Solutions. It’s of no jealousy that WhatsApp is right now the most successful instant messaging app. WhatsApp is available for both Android and IOS mobiles, and millions of users presently now use it. Correlated to every other instant messaging apps, WhatsApp gives users more characteristics and customization opportunities. In this post, we will discuss How to reply to WhatsApp messages without being online. 

If you have continued using WhatsApp for a while, then we are moderately sure that once in a while, you might own required to reply to a message without appearing online. The logic could be anything like you don’t want others to see you online, or need to avoid long discussions.

Whatever might be the idea if you are handling WhatsApp on Android, then you can instantly reply to a WhatsApp message without looking online. The good idea is that there are various methods to reply to the WhatsApp message without appearing online.

How to reply WhatsApp messages without being online

In this post, we are going to give you the three most reliable methods that would enable you to reply to a message without appearing online on WhatsApp.

Method 1: Reply From The Notification Panel

Replying for WhatsApp message from the Notification panel will not show you online. You can still read the WhatsApp message from the Notification panel without recognizing others.

If you are working on the latest version of Android like Android 8 or Android 9, then you can open the drop-down menu (Notification panel ) and reply to the message without opening the app. Or else, you can click on the Reply button to reply to the messages.  

Method 2:Offline Method

How to reply WhatsApp messages without being online

In this method, you require to disable both WiFi and Mobile Network. You can just turn on the Airplane mode to disable all network connectivity. Once done, open WhatsApp and the conversation where you want to replay a message.

Write and send the message and close the WhatsApp Android application. Once completed, reconnect to the internet or disable the Airplane mode. WhatsApp will automatically send the message without refreshing your Last seen’ status.

Method 3:Use the Unseen Android app

How to reply WhatsApp messages without being online

Well, if you require to read the message without arriving online on WhatsApp, then you demand to use the Unseen Android app. It’s an Incognito mode for WhatsApp, which lets you read received messages without knowing to others that you are online.

After seeing the message, you can achieve the second method to reply to the message without appearing online. You can also use unseen immediately to respond to the WhatsApp messages, but it will make you online.


So, these are the three most useful methods to reply to WhatsApp messages without being online. If you know any additional such methods, let us know about those methods and comment on those methods in the comment box below. I hope this post helped you! Share it with your colleagues and friends also and support for my website.

Thanks for your support we will provide more tricks & tips for you. If you like our tricks, share these with your friends and join my Telegram Channel for more new tricks & tips.

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