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In this article I will provide you the latest list of AdSense High CPC Keywords along with some general examples of high CPC keywords.These are often associated with competitive industries or popular products/services


Keywords such as “auto insurance,” “health insurance,” or “life insurance,” are often associated with high CPCs due to the competitive nature of the insurance industry.

2.Lawyer or Attorney:

Most of the Lawyer related keywords such as “personal injury lawyer” or “criminal defense attorney,” are also known to have high CPCs due to the high demand and competition in the legal field.

3.Mortgage or Loans:

Certainly the Keywords related to financial services, such as “mortgage rates” or “personal loans,” can have high CPCs as they are associated with valuable financial products and services.

4.Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Procedures:

Basically the Keywords related to cosmetic surgery or other aesthetic procedures, such as “breast augmentation” or “Botox injections,” can have high CPCs due to the competitive and lucrative nature of the cosmetic industry.

5.Online Education or Online Courses:

Keywords related to online education and e-learning, such as “online MBA” or “coding courses,” can have high CPCs as the demand for online education has increased significantly in recent years.if you use these in your articles , as a result you can earn more money.


Above all gives you the latest AdSense High CPC Keywords .It’s important to note that CPCs can vary depending on various factors, such as industry, location, competition, and bidding strategies. It’s always recommended to conduct thorough keyword research and analysis to determine the most effective and cost-efficient keywords for your specific advertising campaign.

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