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Overview Of Java Programming Language | Java 11th Edition concepts

Overview Of Java Programming Language


Hai friends, welcome to Tech Naandi Solutions. Now I am here to make you understand JAVA from basics along with Overview Of Java Programming Language. You all know that JAVA is the best programming language forever when compared to all technologies. Are you looking to learn JAVA from basics, then you are in a right place, I will explain all concepts easily with simple examples.

What is Java?

Java is a high-level programming language and also identified as a platform-independent because of its JRE (Java runtime environment) which supports to execute Java programs in any platform(Operating System).

Brief History of Java

Firstly, the java language project originally started in the month of June and the year 1991 by James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton. An oak tree that is available outside Gosling’s office at that time of developing Java hence then java first named as oak. And then later on it is renamed as Green then renamed as java from java coffee.

Base Concept of Java Programming Language

Write once, run anywhere (WORA)  is the basic tagline of JAVA, which means java program can run anywhere and on any Operating System(platform). Firstly, when Java code is compiled the original code was converted into byte code. Now exclusively this byte code is required to run using JVM, no need for source code, and recompilation again the same program. 

Overview of Java Released Versions 

Moreover, the Overview Of Java Programming Language Versions with release dates.

  • JDK Alpha and Beta (1995)
  • Version (JDK)1.0     (23rd Jan 1996)
  • JDK 1.1     (19th Feb 1997)
  • J2SE 1.2    (8th Dec 1998)
  • Version J2SE 1.3   (8th May 2000)
  • J2SE 1.4    (6th Feb 2002)
  • J2SE 5.0   (30th Sep 2004)
  • Java SE 6  (11th Dec 2006)
  • New Java SE 7  (28th July 2011)
  • Java SE 8  (18th March 2014)


However, this is an only Overview Of Java Programming Language, I have posted all concepts in our website. continue with another post to learn more or select JAVA tutorials from Programing Languages in MENU.

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