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Google Play Store Tricks


In this post, we will learn about some Google Play Store tips and tricks every Android user should knowThe Google Play Store is a huge benefit of maintaining an Android device. It provides you a broad variety of apps to collect from. To obtain the largest out of your shopping experience, we’ve collected some Google Play Store tips and tricks to improve your test drive apps, save money, and more.

1)Swipe to open the Play Store menu

Google Play Store Tricks

Firstly,  open the play store menu. This trick can actually be done in two ways. The first and most simple is by hitting on the 3 bars icon on the top left. But there’s also another faster and more comfortable way. when you are in the Play Store, just swipe from the left side of the display to open the menu, from which you can obtain various divisions of the play store as well as your own account settings. 

2)Install any app that isn’t available in your country

If you’re especially strong to install an app that’s not available in your country, then you can still get your guidance on it by using a VPN.VPN means virtual private network. It provides you a safe internet connection via private networks in other countries outside of your current country.

Basically, a VPN service can obtain it look like you’re obtaining the internet from a different location, It’s great that you choose a reliable VPN.

Once you’re downloaded a VPN, select the country’s Play Store that you want to locate in the VPN app, get the VPN up and running, then open the Play Store app. It should display on the Play Store homepage of the particular country that you selected in a VPN. 

3)Manage your apps in the Play Store

Google Play Store Tricks

The Google Play Store has a section called My apps & games. From here you can see at which apps you’ve downloaded, which were pre-installed, and the apps that you require to update. This is a great place to manage your apps within the Play Store and to quickly access it.

  • Firstly, Open the Google Play Store application from your Android device.
  • Open the menu (3 dots or lines in the top ).
  • Following the Apps & Games section, you’ll see the My apps and games link.
  • Now you should view the list of your installed apps.

From here you can update your apps. You can check what you’ve downloaded and managed these apps. If you go into the All section you can view which apps were on your device and what could be removed.

4)Enable parental lock for Google Play

If you don’t require your child to install any apps or poor downloading inappropriate apps on the Play Store, you can set up parental controls to prevent your Android device from occurring abused. This could combine games with extensive amounts of violence as well as apps that could put them in danger like dating apps or chats that give out their location.

It’s easy to set a parental lock on the Google Play Store by following the below steps.

  • Firstly, open the Play Store application and open the menu.
  • Go into the settings tab in the menu.
  • Select Parental controls option and hit the slider so it says ‘no’. From there you will be requested to create a parental lock PIN code.
  • Create one and then go by the list of applications that you can download from the Play Store and select the pass that you want to set restrictions for your children/others.

Once your restrictions are secured, your child or dependent will not able to install any applications without your PIN code each time they try to download something that available from the restriction apps. As your children get younger to control or enable more content permissions, you can go back in and edit the previous privileges that you want to allow.

5)Get refunds on the Google Play Store

You can get refunds from the Play Store for that purchased applications with one tap,  later as you are doing it within two hours of buying the app. 

  • Once you’ve purchased an app, on its Play Store page you will see options to install or open. In extension, a Refund option is out there on the left of it.
  • Tap the refund button within two hours of your purchase to get back your money.

If you notify that a child made this purchase without permission you can regularly adjust their privileges.

  • Just open the Play Store, tap the menu icon, and select Settings.
  • Toggle Require authentication for buying anything from the play store. 

6)Stop automatic updates

However, the Google Play Store has a feature to download available updates for your applications at all the time. This may lead to loss of our data, so you can quickly say goodbye to your 3G/4G data package if you’re not careful.

  • From the Google Play Store, go to your Settings, select Updates Apps, and turn off  “Do not automatically update” applications option.
  • It will later be up to you to decide when or where you want to update your applications.😊

7) Disable automatic addition of a shortcut to the home screen

When you install any new application, Google Play has the unfortunate 😒 habit of regularly adding a shortcut to your home screen. If this is sometimes useful, it can quickly become irritating, particularly if you download a number of apps that you don’t use all the time.

There is a simple method of how you can easily  to disable this automatic addition as mentioned below

  • Open play store application, From the Play Store, go to settings.
  • In settings uncheck the option called “Add icon to the Home screen” checkbox.

8)See your order history

It’s so straightforward to simply touch and buy apps on the Play Store and really as easy to fall track of what you own, particularly because of so many apps and games are free. But you can obtain your Play Store shopping history, including free downloads, with a few active taps. 

  • Open the Play Store application.
  • Open the menu (via 3 bars or swiping from the left)
  • Hit on Account, then go to  Order History.
  • You’ll then be able to scroll within your account to see the entire purchase/download history.

9)Download apps using your PC

It’s shocking😳 how few people know of this small trick. Yes, you can download apps on your Andriod device of selection from your PC🥰. All you require to do is log in to your Google account and open Google Play. From there, simply find the app of your selection and click install. You will see a drop-down menu of your Android devices that are connected to the Google account. 

This technique is particularly useful if you want to install the same app on various devices at the same time, or if you have just purchased a new phone. However, your PC screen is also bigger, enabling you to browse and find the right application that you want to install.


Finally, we have learned about the top best useful Google Play Store Tricks. Hope these tricks will help you in some situation if you know any other tricks other than these tricks please feel free to comment below. Your comments will help others to gain knowledge.

Thanks for your support we will provide more tricks & tips for you. If you like our tricks, share these with your friends and join my Telegram Channel for more new tricks & tips.

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