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Receive SMS Online for free | Nepal | Receive SMS online for verification

by Narendra Anja
Receive SMS online for verification


In this post, we will discuss how to Receive SMS online for free for verification.there are many websites available to get online SMS.

Nowadays if you are creating an email account or new account on some advanced website you may require to enter your original email address and your telephone number. So that the organization will verify your account by sending a PIN to your certified phone number. For email address, there are several sites which help you to get a temporary free email address and it decreases the effort of receiving spam or trash in your inbox. We’ll present you with a list of websites where you can receive SMS online without having a real telephone number.

You can’t handle the same mobile number for several accounts as the organization may not support it. Sometimes you can’t create a new account on places just because you don’t have another phone number. We also struggled the related as I have used my mobile number to create email accounts on some likely email service and I don’t have any new numbers. So, I decided to search for websites to receive SMS online. 

Not only me there are several people who are searching for a list of websites to receive SMS online without a real phone number.

We have taken out a small bit of analysis and began to list down a few websites which will support you to get SMS online without any issues. I have handled them personally to guarantee that these websites are working correctly. Some of the websites give you trail as well as paid subscriptions. You can use it with the trial accounts as this will benefit you get your work done. So let’s jump into our topic.

Top 10 Sites to Receive SMS Online

Here are 12 websites that provide you to get SMS online without having an original mobile number. We ave provided you 12 best sites please comment below that which you feel as best in these 12 websites, your comments will help others to choose the best one.


Receive SMS online for verification

FreePhoneNum grants users with fresh new phone numbers from 6 various countries for free. Currently, this website maintains phone numbers from countries like United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Poland, United Kingdom, and Belgium. The most beneficial feature of this website is they change the numbers every 2 weeks.

2. MobileSMS.io

Receive SMS online for free

MobileSMS .io provides sim-card numbers only.Those are premium numbers because they are not implicit numbers. They only allow a paid version. If you are bored of working out the different free SMS websites, MobileSMS.io is the place to go for individual numbers. In extension to the USA and the UK, they have more active to find countries such as India, China, Australia, and Germany. They have plenty of numbers and have assistance from many countries and services.

3. Recieve – SMS.com


Receive SMS is one of the common exciting websites on the internet to obtain SMS online. This website gives a list of free numbers that you can manage anywhere and the message got on the virtual number will be presented on their homepage immediately. The site consists of 7 demo numbers and you can purchase private numbers from this website. If you buy private numbers on this website you will also receive a private inbox for all your messages which are non-public.

4. Receivesmsonline.net 

In our list of sites to receive SMS online, the following website is Receivesmsonline.net.This website gives a total of 5 numbers which you can handle and you will receive messages. We discovered that while handling the site you see a lot of 403 errors and all you require is to refresh the webpage. In our analysis, all the numbers are working without any problems. Due to a number of 403 failures, this website may hurt you if you are in a rush.

5. Freeonlinephone.org

Receive SMS online for verification 5 - Tech Naandi Solutions

If you have visited the third site on our list you will notice that the design of both the websites is almost the same and the unique difference is the color. Both websites belong to the same organization, Before when we heard the site the numbers are not working perfectly. Newly old numbers are restored with a collection of new items that are running fine.


Receive-SMS-Online.com offers a collection of phone numbers so you can use them everywhere to generate temporary email accounts. The site has around 8 numbers and most of them are running perfectly. We experimented with the UK numbers and all of them are working fine. You require to recognize the number you used which will lead to a side where you can see the list of received messages.

7. TextNow.com

Receive SMS online for free

If you don’t require public numbers or your messages displayed openly then Text Now is a different cool website that allows you a separate number and inbox upon creating an account. You can use a VPN which is US-based or a representative which commands assist the determination of creating a free account that gives a private number. You can see the number which was provided to you after logging to your account.

8. Textfree

Receive SMS online for free

If you are facing difficulties creating an account in TextNow then reasonably Textfree is your alternative. Yourself can create an account here quickly with a strong US Zip Code which you can prepare by a simple Goggle search. You can pick your number from a list of US numbers which will be displayed after creating an account. 


Twilio gives you a free private number to get messages if you give them your number to receive a verification code and the great part is that you can use any of the above websites to receive SMS online which will assist you to build a trial account. You can review the messages received on your number from the dashboard of your account. By utilizing the trial account you can’t send messages but you can get messages from any number.  

10.Sellaite SMS Receiver

In contrast with other sites, Sellaite offers representations from Estonia which is considerably good. We tried with the numbers posted on this website and everything is working fine with messages and numbers publicly apparent.


Finally, this is our list of best websites how to Receive SMS online for free for verification. We would like to hear your favorite sites to receive SMS online so that we can add them up yo our list, please comment below which you feel it as best website of all among them.

Thanks for your support we will provide more tricks & tips for you. If you like our tricks, share these with your friends and join my Telegram Channel for more new tricks & tips.

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