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In this post, I will explain how to earn money with the Jio POS Lite app just by doing recharges for your friends and family.

  • Reliance Jio has recently started the jioPOS Lite app by which users to become Jio partners and recharge other numbers and earn money.
  • They will provide a 4.16% commission when a user adds money to the app.

While there are many apps that allow users to recharge online, most Indians still depend on offline recharges. Due to lockdown we know that all recharge shops are closed, Jio has launched a new app for JIO users to easily become a Jio partner and recharge and earn money.

Reliance Jio is providing a commission of 4.16% on all recharges to Jio partners for recharging other numbers. This means that you can earn Rs.4.16 for every Rs.100 of recharge for any JIO numbers. Your commission money is added when you load money into the jioPOS Lite app.

How to use the JioPOS Lite app to earn money

Firstly you have to install JioPOS on your Android mobile and you should have a Jio number registration. The app is currently not available for iOS mobile users.😥

  • Firstly, download the JioPOS Lite app from the google play store on your Android mobile.
  • Once downloaded, simply open the app and click on Allow All to give the app permission to your contacts, location, and some other files.
  • Now, click on Sign up and enter your email and Jio mobile number and click on Generate OTP.
  • Now you will get an OTP to the given mobile number just enter that OTP that you have received and click on Validate OTP.
  • Once done it will ask for some proofs like a Bank cheque,adhar card, and PAN Card details.
  • Submit all the proofs and wait for 1 or 2 days to get approved from JIO.
  • Once you got approval from JIO you can sign-in just by entering enter your JIO mobile number.
  • Now you can enter a 4-digit PIN of your choice & click on Setup
  • you can now see the JioPOS Ui where you can see all the details such as your earnings, passbook, load money to your account, and more.
  • Click on Load Money to load money into your account.
  • When you load the amount you will receive extra money including the 4.16% commission.
  • You can also get a Passbook that shows the last 20 days of your recharge transactions.


This is all about how to earn money with the Jio POS Lite app just by doing recharges for your friends and family.

Thanks for your support we will provide more tricks & tips for you. If you like our tricks, share these with your friends and join my Telegram Channel for more new tricks & tips.

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