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In this post, I will explain Pega 8.5 Features. Pega platform is a rapidly growing technology with the most useful and variety of readily available tools.

Recently Pega has upgraded to Pega 8.5 platform by adding some of the new features. Here I will explain some of the most useful Pega 8.5 features.

Pega 8.5 Features

Low-code App Development

Now you can find more information quickly that you need, you can now search for Pulse messages in spaces. However, to obtain more reliable results, you can apply different filters, such as keywords, post authors, or a time range in which the messages were posted.

Case Management

Now we can decrease development time and work when you save a case type. Moreover the system now automatically turns off draft mode for any processes that include no configuration issues, rather than having to manually turn draft off mode in Dev Studio. 

Data Integration

Now we have a new feature to import data from Microsoft Excel files to create data objects or case types and set up App Factory applications, or any other application, with business data that is available in Microsoft Excel files.


Give your mobile app a recognized feel by customizing the interface to meet the branding specifications of your company. With the re-designed mobile channel authoring expertise, you can do this without any coding to guarantee a consistent user activity across channels in just a few clicks.

System Administration

Now you can now automatically modernize dependent applications to be organized on the latest versions of the dependent applications that you select. Moreover, by using the automatic update dependent applications feature, you save time and reduce mistakes.

User Experience

Cosmos UI theme

This new UI helps developers to Reduce development effort. Cosmos enhances the developer experience by simplifying the way to use tools and settings.

For instance, the new table element allows a much more comfortable run-time experience, with new features such as column freezing, search, and advanced filtering. These characteristics increase the user experience and give users more control over data that they can see on UI. The following picture shows the new table settings and functionalities

Pega 8.5 Features


This is all about Pega 8.5 Features. If you know any other features please comment below so that others can learn easily from those who are reading this article.

Thanks for your support we will provide more tricks & tips for you. If you like our tricks, share these with your friends and join my Telegram Channel for more new tricks & tips.

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