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How to get US Number for WhatsApp free | Create Whatsapp With US Number

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How to geta US Number for WhatsApp free - Tech Naandi Solutions


In this post, we will discuss How to get US Number for WhatsApp free with different methods, you can choose the best method among them.

WhatsApp is one of the most famous instantaneous messaging applications. That is connected to almost every smartphone, WhatsApp was developed in the year 2009. It sparked a mobile change thanks to how easily it could keep people approaching each other. Originally, WhatsApp just supported text. Time has passed and WhatsApp has been modernized with a lot of extra features. Such as transferring photos, videos, voice messages, audio clips, and most varieties of documents.

In enhancement to this, WhatsApp helps video calls & voice calls since 2017. With certain features, any WhatsApp users can video call or voice call any of their contacts.WhatsApp is always expanding up with the latest updates and exciting features that keep the users secured with this app!

This app has shown to be very useful, not only for individual users but for companies too. You can manage your company, let your clients know about deals, send updates, and contact customers through WhatsApp. 

What is A Virtual Number?

Firstly, a virtual number is a fake phone number online that relates to the company that gives the service. Their lots of virtual phone number service providers that live, you will see, if you really look up on google about it. You can easily get phone numbers from the top range countries in the world. You will also obtain general phone number carriers. People in various privacy concerns prefer to get a free phone number for WhatsApp verification.

WhatsApp Virtual Phone number 

WhatsApp is the most well-known instant messaging app. Many of us obtain it easier to use when compared to other apps of its classification, and it needs less storage area to work properly. Before you get started with this app, you require to create a WhatsApp account using your phone number since WhatsApp utilizes your phone number as your ID, and essentially allows you to chat with somebody on your contact list.

Sharing your real number could be dangerous, and your number could be abused by bad people. However, that doesn’t suggest that you can’t create a WhatsApp account without giving your phone number – this is where a virtual phone number comes in helpful.

So if you don’t want to share your phone number for privacy purposes, we suggest an excellent answer that will enable you to use the app without registering your phone number. Today in Tech Naandi Solutions we’re going to show you where you can get free virtual numbers for WhatsApp. With a virtual phone number, you can either create a WhatsApp account utilizing a virtual phone number or create several WhatsApp accounts.

Best Methods to Get Virtual Number for WhatsApp 

Moreover, there are different websites and apps on the internet which give you a free virtual number you can join your WhatsApp with and make it work. Even though it’s not that simple to get a free virtual number for WhatsApp, there are several websites and apps from which you can get one. However, some of them require you to give your phone number to register within the app, while some give you a virtual number for WhatsApp without the necessity of a SIM card and signs ups. You can try them all for a positive method that will work for you in these methods comment below so that it will help others.


Nextiva is one of the biggest virtual number providers if you’re viewing for one. They give services which make your work easier. You can achieve your Virtual number from your PC, laptop, smartphone, local phone, or any tablet that you own.

How to get US Number for WhatsApp free

If you want to keep working your Nextiva account, you can join your local number to it. This will allow you to make HD calls and use your virtual number to make calls to different other locations and countries.


Primo app is particularly available for Android users now, but apple could connect the list soon. For beginners, you need to install this app, run it, and register. You’ll have to give your REAL phone number (just to the app) for confirmation purposes. After all the requirements are completed, you’ll get a virtual phone number, which you can use to access WhatsApp. With this application, you can quickly create a WhatsApp account with temporary telephone numbers.    

On the bottom right of the screen, you can view the virtual mobile number that’s your free number for WhatsApp & you’ll be used for sign up on WhatsApp.One has to download Primo in your mobile devices to use its features. Primo app can be utilized for free calling, unlimited text messages, and various additional services.

3.Text Plus 

The registering process of the Text Plus app is the equivalent as for the previous app, but the good thing about this one is.. unlike others, you don’t have to restart your phone and can use the free WhatsApp number immediately on. Just hit at the generate button, see the number, and then register on WhatsApp as normal.

How to get US Number for WhatsApp free 3 - Tech Naandi Solutions

The TextPlus App is very famous for generating a virtual number. This app is available in the PlayStore for Android as well as in the Appstore for iOS users.TextPlus enables you to select the number’s country, and it also can be used to replace your number, create a new number, and then use WhatsApp with it.


How to get US Number for WhatsApp free

Grasshopper provides virtual phone numbers to people who hold a tiny startup company or a business. The app, though not completely free, it provides the user with a small discount. Grasshopper gives you the freedom to manage your business from home and managing all communication through your chosen device. You can manage all your personal and business calls from the same phone. 

5.Google Voice

Do you know your Google Voice already has a service for getting virtual phone numbers? Yes, those who have Google on their devices can use Google Voice, as it is a marvelous opportunity. Not several people know this, but Google Voice can be quite an asset for different verification methods.

Many people waste their dollars without knowing about Google Voice. To get a disposable phone number and use this, Google Voice has to be combined with G-Suite. Google Voice can be used for private use and businesses as well. You just have to choose the prototype you wish to use. 

Various characteristics can be used in Google Voice. f you use it for personal purposes, you won’t be able to enjoy the paid business advantages. Google Voice is free for individual uses, but you’ll have to spend $10 per month for different purposes and it can be utilized for sign up on any website or app that requests for a phone number verification. I’ve checked to make a Telegram account without Phone number through the Google Voice and it worked for me!


The FreshCaller service is granted to people that want to make their business develop. They allow you great plans by hiding your real number or by presenting you with a virtual number. However, there are several excellent highlights that they offer, such as multiple call tools. certain hours set for businesses, distribution fees, SIP connections, and additional tools that assist in the growth of your business.

How to get US Number for WhatsApp free

You can also put your original number on your local transport if you do not want to port your number. Among these features, you can have both your real number and a virtual number operating including this service. The price is all flexible and will fit your needs.

Uses  of creating a WhatsApp account with Virtual Number 

1. Many well-known organizations use a virtual number for WhatsApp.
2. Having a virtual number can be very helpful as your identification would be protected and it will be difficult for anyone to follow you forward.
3.If you own a business that makes a lot of foreign clients, having a virtual number will be quite an advantage to you too!
4. Virtual numbers continuing worked on WhatsApp or for calling can be a good way to make prank calls!
5. Don’t get taken away with those false WhatsApp verification code online tricks which will never get you any virtual numbers. They order end your mobile phone’s life with a lot of malware. Regularly check everything completely before continuing with the installation process of any of the services.


In conclusion, these are some methods you can get virtual numbers for WhatsApp verification or possibly some other ideas. However, registering on WhatsApp is not very complex. After you get your free virtual number and do the verification process, install WhatsApp on your mobile, register using the virtual number, and reproduce the OTP. After completing this, you wish to be ready to use WhatsApp without any trouble.

Thanks for your support we will provide more tricks & tips for you. If you like our tricks, share these with your friends and join my Telegram Channel for more new tricks & tips.

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