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How to Add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress

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Do you need to add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress? WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app in over 100 countries and is great for supporting iPhone and Android users to chat with friends.

You can send messages, photos, videos, and voice recordings across the internet, which indicates your mobile plan is not required. And great yet, it can operate on WordPress as well and it is simple to set up.

Today, I will explain how to add WhatsApp Chat in WordPress using the Click to Chat plugin.

Why Add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress?

There are lots of circumstances where you want your visitors or customers to be able to reach you. One of the most essential parts of supporting them to do so is how comfortable it is to do.

And let me swear you, this is one of the most comfortable methods to achieve that. For beginners, WhatsApp is much easy to use and completely helps mobile-users. All of the information is browser-based regardless of it is a mobile user or a desktop user. This indicates you will not be consuming anyone’s valuable data.

In reality, any information, photos, or videos posted using WhatsApp will not be saves to the phone. Thus, you will not be using up any of their space, which is perfect for mobile users.

Installing Click to Chat

Click to Chat is a free WordPress WhatsApp chat plugin that is comfortable to install. It simply adds WhatsApp to your WordPress website, and you can set it anywhere shortcodes can be placed. This covers posts, pages, and text widgets.

Let’s begin by going to the Plugins section and select the Add New option available on the left-hand admin panel.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress website

Search for Click to Chat plugin in the available search box. This will pick up new plugins that you may find necessary.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress website

Scroll down till you see the Click to Chat plugin and click on the “Install Now” option and activate the plugin to use in your WordPress.

Setting Up Click to Chat

On the left-hand admin panel, click on Click to Chat and choose the Click to Chat Option.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress website

Here you pleasure be able to set up how WhatsApp works on your Website. There are a lot of settings to work in. I will highlight the major ones that are needed for the plugin to work, but that doesn’t suggest you should neglect the others.

In reality, I completely support going through the settings and observing what operates best for your website. Most of the settings are very honest, which is why this plugin is absolute for website beginners. 

The first setting you need to do is add your WhatsApp mobile number. If you do not add this, the plugin will really not work.😛

add whatsapp chat to wordpress website

Next, you want to write an initial message. This can be something as simple as “Hello” or more special like “Hello welcome to Tech Naandi Solutions” 

add whatsapp chat to wordpress website

While this is not a setting, you should make a record of your Group ID. Anyone by that ID can connect your group chat. It will regularly be determined on this page if you require it at a succeeding date.

The excess of the settings is improving changes. For instance, wherever the application will look, and how long it requires to be. This is entirely subordinate to what works for your website, thus, you should go through every setting to get the most favorable result.

add whatsapp chat to wordpress website

Once you are done, tick on the “Save Changes” button.

Using Click to Chat

Now open any post, page, or text widget on your website. To add the actual app, all you require to do is add the shortcode 

This will add a small WhatsApp logo that users can click on. Upon doing so, they will either be related to the app or advised to set up the app for the first time. The symbol will look like as shown below.

how to add whatsapp chat to wordpress website 7- Tech Naandi Solutions

Congratulations, you have successfully added the Click to Chat free plugin to add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress.

Make Sure Customers Can Contact You

If you sell a product or run an online store, I reasonably don’t need to explain the significance of communication or having a supporter option. You can control this in a number of alternatives. It can be as easy as adding contact information or as difficult as having a whole support team. But in both events, you require to have one. 


It provides customers with trust and adds honesty to your whole business. Let’s be realistic, there are a lot of scams on the internet and people are becoming more careful. Communication is the best way to obtain your business to look trustworthy.

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