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What’s new with google assistant | How to use google assistant

by Narendra Anja
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What's new with google assistant


In this article, we will discuss What’s new with google assistant and how we can use in our android mobile with simple and easy steps.

Nowadays, most of the users are habituated to the virtual personal assistants.For this, we should appreciate smart things like Google Home, Smartphones, Amazon’s Echo, and many more.

So, primarily, more and more users are growing habituated day by day to managing their smart devices with their own voice.🙄

Hence, just like those smart devices, we can also control our Android smartphones and devices by our voice. For sending send messages📩, listen to music📡, do research on the internet, and many more. All this we can do only without touching the smartphone with our voice only.😀

What’s new with google assistant

To activate the Google Assistant simply say Ok Google. You can also activate it just by pressing the home button of your Android mobile. Here are some fundamental ideas that we can ask our Android device to do.

1: First of all, Open the Google Assistant on your mobile just by saying Ok Google.

2To set alarms or reminders on your mobile, you can simply say as a Set alarm.

What’s new with google assistant

3: To find the conferences or meetings on a particular day (Calender) just say appointments for the current day or Today’s appointment’.It will show only if you have any meetings on your calendar.

4: You can also use your Google Assitant to make calls from your mobile. To do calls, just say Call (Contact name).

What’s new with google assistant

For example, “Call Tech Naandi Solutions”.If you have any contact number saved with the name you said, then automatically google will make a call for that mobile number.

5: Google’s assistant allows users to send messages to anyone. Just speak ‘Send messages’ and it will ask you to whom you want to send a message. Then you need to say the contact name and the message that you want to send.

What’s new with google assistant

6: You can also use Google Assistant to do searches on the Internet. Just speak in Keywords or text that you want to search and it will show you the relevant results for the given keyword. 

7: To get details about sports events, just ask for the ongoing matches like India vs SouthAfrica and any other matches that are going on…

8: Not everyone will know, but you can really we can convert currencies with Google Assitant. Just speak words like ($ 1 into rupees) or (Rs.100 into $), or any other currencies that you want to convert.

What’s new with google assistant

In order to control your Android device with the voice and without an internet connection. You have to install the “Google Voice Access” application. This app simply offers us a more detailed control than Google Assitant.


Finally, this article is all regarding What’s new with google assistant and how to control your Android device completely by your Voice via Google Assitant. I trust this article assisted you that how you can use Google Assistant in a simple and easy way.

Thanks for your support we will provide more tricks & tips for you. If you like our tricks, share these with your friends and join my Telegram Channel for more new tricks & tips.

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