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Smart Contract Auditing | Top 6 FAQ Answers on Smart Contract Auditing

Top 6 FAQs on Smart Contract Auditing


In this post, we will discuss Smart Contract Auditing and Top 6 FAQ Answers on Smart Contract Auditing.

“Shrewd agreement” as a term was presented by PC researcher and cryptographer Nick Szabo. As indicated by him, current foundations are changing the regular paper-based “contracts” with the assistance of the advanced transformation.

These savvy contracts run on a decentralized organization. For example, Blockchain however in the new past, brilliant agreements were the interesting issues of conversation because of different outside hacks on them.

In spite of the fact that we can get our brilliant agreements through inspecting this has prompted a progression of discussions and conversations bringing about different interests among the people.

In spite of the fact that we can’t resolve a considerable lot of the inquiries in the approaching areas, we present responses to the absolute most as often as possible brought up issues on brilliant agreements reviews.

1: What message does the large contrast of the words “smart contract audit” convey?

Smart contract audit refers to a comprehensive analysis of code that may lead to vulnerabilities that lead to financial losses in the future.

Auditors go through the code and analyze various aspects of bugs, errors, and vulnerabilities and then come up with their initial report.

2: Is an audit mandatory before tokens are allowed to be traded on an exchange? And shed some light on Automated Audits!

In most jurisdictions, audits provide the verification required to begin trading new tokens on an exchange.

The ruin of utilizing this methodology is that robotized devices may neglect to distinguish complex security weaknesses. 

Human mediation is critical for cross-confirmation to recognize imperfections.

3: Is it a good option to mandate audits without rules?

It is advisable to conduct smart contract audits in all cases to avoid any possible bugs.

However, these should be taking care of as any kind of error can result in huge financial loss and affect the reputation of your business.

An audit from a trusted firm like QuillAudits.Which gives you peace of mind and gives you confidence about the security of your smart contract.

4: What are the potential flaws in a smart contract?

Well, there may be many such flaws that are still unknown to us. But far from our past experiences, we have listed some of them. These are common vulnerabilities required while implementation of any smart contract.

  • Re-entrancy Attacks.
  • Timestamp Dependence.
  • Integer overflow & underflow.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks, and
  • Frontrunning.

5: How long does an audit take?

With regard to timing, for one there is no fixed number as there are many factors.

However, depending on the complexity of the project, an audit can take a few days, several weeks, or even months.

Although we can increase the size of the team to complete the task, we also need to set aside time for editing work.

As the saying goes, “curry spoils quickly”, an auditing team working under time pressure can fall behind on some important aspects.

Therefore, it is best to offer a reasonable amount of time to complete the auditing process in the smart contract development lifecycle.

6: The procedures covered by auditing?

Smart contract auditing takes into account independent evaluation, verification process, detailed testing, and comprehensive reporting.

Moreover, Evaluation involves looking at the proof of concept and code for any technical and security vulnerabilities.

An exhaustive verification process is will ensure that the contract meets the specific requirement.

Moreover, towards this end, the final step is to prepare an in-depth audit report which will include the vulnerabilities found during the various phases of testing.


Finally, smart contracts are a way of leading the digital transformation witnessed by us. It’s transforming various business verticals by giving it a replacement dimension of cost-efficiency and accelerated transactions.

And all together these implementations one thing is common, auditing of those smart contracts. As auditing ensures and enhances the safety of the smart contracts thus ensuring the success of your project.


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