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How to convert any web page or article into audio format

How To Convert any Article into Audio File


In this article, we will discuss How To Convert any Article into Audio File, by using this you can convert any text into an audio file. Android Is the most popular mobile operating system. It’s a mobile operating system that is fully based on Linux. Due to its quality, you’ll customize Android the way you would like. Not only that, but the app availability is additionally quite high on Android compared to the other mobile OS.

Just take a quick check out the Google Play Store, you’ll find apps for each different purpose over there. Till now, I have given many tricks and tips related to Android mobile. Today, I am sharing another best trick that might assist you to convert the whole webpage into an audio file.

Yes, you read that right! You can now convert text/website pages content into audio files. This trick will more useful for everyone who is not interested to read a large post or article. let us discuss the method to quickly how can we convert text/website pages text into an audio file by using Android mobile.

Change any Text Article into an audio format.

 I’ll recommend and wish to use the Epic Privacy Browser. it’s one amongst the primary and best Android browsers that may read a line of webpages to you.

1: Firstly, open play store on your Android mobile, then download & install the Epic Privacy Browser.

convert text into audio

2:After that, open the application, and agree on the conditions of that browser.

3: Now you will see the foremost interface of the Epic Privacy Browser.

4: Open any webpage/website that you simply require to convert to the Audio file (Mp3).

5: Select the three dots menu and select the ‘Add to Audio Queue’ option.

6: Again, click on the 3 dots menu and select Audio Queue Option.

7: There you’ll see the webpage ready to be played. Click on the Play button to hear the audio version of the selected webpage.

Can any Webpages be converted into Audio?

Yes, this method will help you to convert any webpage into an audio file easily with simple steps so that you no need to read large articles. You can simply convert into an audio file and listen.

How can I Play the Audio File?

Upon tapping on the play button, the built-in audio player of the Epic Privacy Browser will automatically play the audio that you have recorded.


Finally, this article is all regarding the process to convert any website text into an audio file instantly. I believe this post assisted you! Share it with your friends also.😘

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