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How many emails can you send from Gmail | Gmail Sending Limits


In this article, I will explain the complete details about emails like how many emails can you send from Gmail and how to increase your limit.

Gmail has some limits in the sending of emails for a limited number of email messages per day. If you exceed the daily quota, Google may temporarily disable your Gmail account without any notifications and you may have to wait for up to 24 hours before you can recover access to your Gmail mailbox.

What is Gmail’s Daily Limit on Sending Email

However, Gmail isn’t created for sending bulk email. If you want to send an email message to a large group of friends using Gmail read the following rules.

Rule 1: You can send emails to a maximum of 500 receivers per day through the Gmail website. If you are a Google Apps for Business user, your regular limit is 10000 email recipients per day.

If the limit is passed, the account will be disabled by showing an error Gmail Lockdown in Section 4. It is necessary to memorize that this limit is about recipients and not messages.🥰 This means you can send 10 emails with 50 recipients each. (or) 1 email can contain a maximum of 500 people.

Rule 2: If you use Gmail by using POP or IMAP clients like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, you can send an email message to a maximum of 100 people at a time. This also involves emails sent through or servers.

Rule 3: Always double check email addresses of receivers before clicking the Send button. Google will temporarily disable your account if you send more than 500 mails or if you have a large number of undeliverable mails. This normally occurs when people use mails that contain non-existent or broken email addresses which leads to failed delivery of mail to a particular person.

Rule 4: You can connect multiple email addresses, included non-Gmail addresses, with your Gmail account and send emails on behalf of any of these addresses. However, when you are sending mail from a different address, the primary account’s message limits are concerned.

Rule 5: If you are sending emails by using Google Script, then the daily sending limit is 100 recipients per day for free Gmail accounts. Google Script has a limit of 1500 per day only for paid Google Apps for Business accounts. 

Moreover, as per their business policies, may disable your Gmail account permanently. If you don’t check your Gmail email for a period of 9 months.

How to Check Your Email Sending Limit

You can use the Mail Merge program to immediately check your email sending limit in Gmail.

  1. Firstly, install the Mail Merge program.
  2. Once done, open google sheets and go to the Addons menu. Select Mail Merge with Attachments, and simply click on the Show Email Quota option.
  3. It will show your current email sending the remaining quota.🥰


This is all about emails like how many emails can you send from Gmail and how to increase your limit.


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