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How To Get Free Virtual Phone Number For OTP

How To Get a Free Virtual Phone Number


In this post, we will discuss How To Get a Free Virtual Phone Number For OTP. If you have been utilizing the internet more, then you might recognize that there is a lot of services and applications that provide temporary mobile numbers for verification.

For example, Google demands phone verification for creating an account. Not only Google, although almost all services including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also require a phone number for verification.

Phone verification is indeed helpful for tech companies because it prevents spam and misuse. However, there are lots of users who don’t want to put their private numbers on any online sites. You can use your phone number to validate online accounts like Amazon, Facebook, etc., but what if your number is being used wrongly without your permission?

However, few companies on the web collect and sells telephone number to 3rd parties. This is the main reason, users often receive spam and telemarketing calls. These things are often easily avoided by using virtual telephone number apps.

Top 10 Best Virtual Phone Number Apps 

Moreover ,there are many Virtual telephone number apps available for Android that gives users a secondary telephone number. The secondary telephone number may be used to register for web services or apps. In this post, I am going to give a few most trustworthy Virtual phone number apps for Android.

1)Next Plus 

How To Get Free Virtual Phone Number

Next Plus is one of the most reliable and top-rated virtual phone number apps accessible on the Play Store. The app grants users a secondary phone number that can be managed for verification purposes. The great thing is that the virtual phone number works on all major apps and services.

2)Text Plus

How To Get Free Virtual Phone Number

This app also gives the Virtual phone number for the verification processes. It’s one of the top-rated communication apps anywhere users get their own unique US phone number which can be used for multiple purposes. There is only one problem that has been remarked, this app is sometimes listed as spam by Google services or accounts. That indicates it won’t work while creating Google accounts. Other than that the app is all well for all other types of account verification!


Talkatone app download for android

This app displays a free US virtual phone number for each user who signs up. The registration could be achieved over email ID and once done, users can start making and receiving calls. Apart from calling, Talkatone can be managed to exchange text messages as well. However, the pricing of the talk tone services is much expensive related to other apps.

4)Burner: Smart Phone Numbers

Burner: Smart Phone Numbers

The burner is a premium app on the list which enables users to select their own unique phone number. The app gives phone numbers from approximately 40 countries.Moreover this can be utilized for verification purposes. However, you require to pay 🙄$1.9 for every phone number that you obtain from the app.🥰

5)Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers 

Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers 

As the title of this app already advises, this app is designated for giving a virtual phone number that the users could use anonymously to confirm their accounts. This app is marvelous 😍🥰 because it doesn’t give away any data about you to 3rd people. So, Hushed Anonymous phone numbers are another most reliable virtual phone number apps that you can utilize immediately from now.😊


How To Get Free Virtual Phone Number

TalkU is one of the most famous and top-rated Android app which can be used to make free and cheap phone calls to anyone over WiFi and mobile data. Something’s interesting is that TalkU gives you a free local phone number that can be used to make free calls and send free SMS. The local phone number can be used online verifying some sites by receiving OTPs.

7)2nd Line

How To Get Free Virtual Phone Number

If you are living in the US or Canada and searching for apps to get a virtual phone number, then 2ndLine might be the most suitable app for you. With 2ndLine, you can simply get a local phone number which you can give your colleagues. 2ndLine is primarily free on US & Canada, but for international calls, you need to buy the premium package.


Sideline app for virtual number

If you are searching for a flexible and private communication app for your Android to reach out to customers or team members, then SideLine might be the best pick for you. With SideLine, you can generate your own custom number. To get the custom number, you can search area codes to find a second phone number for your company or small business.


How To Get Free Virtual Phone Number

This app is attractive greatly related to the 2ndLine app that had been explained above. On this app, you need to choose a free U.S. phone number from several area codes to start making calls and receiving SMS. Separated from that, Telos additionally has lots of calling and texting plans to pick from.

10)Skype Number

How To Get Free Virtual Phone Number

However, Skype number is not actually an application, but its an addon on the Skype service. Skype Number is accessible in more than 26 countries. Once obtained, users can share the skype number with colleagues, family, and other friends to make and receive calls.


In Conclusion, here is the list of all the best Android apps which are suggested for the phone number verification using virtual methods. By this, you will know that How To Get a Free Virtual Phone Number For OTP If you know any other such apps, mention that applications in the comment below. I believe this post will help you. 🥰

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