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Amazon prime video profiles | amazon prime video profiles like Netflix

Amazon prime video profiles


In this article, I will explain complete details about how we can create Amazon prime video profiles like Netflix with simple and easy steps.

Prime Video like every other streaming service on the market has determined to ultimately make a decision to add profiles. Yes, you can now set various profiles on your Amazon prime video account and open a few extra features. In this article, I’ll explain everything about the Profiles on Prime Video. 

What’s New?

Amazon Prime Video now allows users to create and manage various users within your account so that the content can be personalized for each profile. Profiles will have separate recommendations, watch history, and season progress based on specific profile activity. Amazon prime video holds 6 different profiles which indicate that you can create 5 different profiles and one of those can be set to be child profile.

How to create Profiles on Amazon Prime Video

Creating a profile is very easy. If you’re using an Android, iOS, or even a Fire device.

  1. Just open the Prime Video app and go to My Stuff icon available on the bottom right. Select your Profile and select an option called a create profile.
  2. Enter the Profile name that you want and enable the Kid’s Profile option if you’re using the profile for kids.
  3. If you want to create users on Desktop/Laptop just open the amazon Prime Video Website and you can go to the profile section and from there you can click on Add New and continue the process to create new profiles.

Benefits of profiles on Amazon Prime Video

Having multiple profiles will helps users in a better way. Everyone who’s handling the account can possess their own movie references, see the later list, season progression, etc. In brief, you get the convenience of managing multiple users with a single account.

Moreover, there are many disadvantages with prime video by introducing new features like profiles like Netflix implementation. Though you have multiple profiles, you have a unique password for all the profiles. So you have to share your Amazon prime video password with all users to whom you have created users.


As most people used to spend a lot of time watching these streaming services in this quarantine/lockdown period, it is really good progress from Amazon to give a feature like Profiles.

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